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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guest Blogger - Megan from The Bug Creator

I hope you all had a fun, fab Valentines Day that was full of love!
I'm super excited to have another guest blogger today. . . Make sure you stop by her blog and spread the love!

Hello there ready set create fans! 

I am so excited that Aleesha is letting me guest post here today.

I guess the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself... My name is Megan. I am 24 years young and a single mommy to a wonderful little boy that just turned 1 year old! I am also the writer for The Bug Creator blog.

Bug Creator - Crafts and Life

Being a single parent is not easy, and sometimes I get overwhelmed having this tiny person depend on me and only me 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. . But when it comes to planning a party I shine! So when my son's (bug)  first birthday started getting close (okay maybe it was 4 months ahead of time) I started planning how to do the party the cheapest way possible, to accommodate my budget, while not compromising the greatness of the party. 

I did a entire 1st birthday party for 48 people (38 were able to come) in well under $100!

So how'd I do it? Easy! 

-Made the cake myself ($22.76)

- Made all the decorations in photoshop & printed on cardstock I already had ($0)

-Purchased the invitations using codes for % off and free codes on Shutterfly.com ($.85)

-Did 16 goodie bags by going to the dollar tree, and clearance sections of wal-mart.($12.54)

The most expensive part of the whole thing was food which ended up costing around $52.00 for 38 people and we had some left!

Total party cost: $88.15
 for a party for 38 people... (we planned for 48 though)

Think that is impressive? I did my entire mistake wedding for $600 and it was amazing! 
(that included my dress & food)

Want to see photos? I know you do! 

(All photos were taken by an amazing photographer Jebbica @ Photos By Jebbica the ones that do not have her copyright were originals I edited ,graciously given to me because we forgot to grab snap shots with other cameras on the party...oops... lesson learned!)

16 little gift bags for our tiny guests...

In the bags-
bouncy balls, plastic bug, candy hearts, gummy works that we put in clear plastic bags left over from another party. 

Meat and cheese tray for food along with a fruit tray and some chips.

4- 9inch double layer cakes 
dyed icing with gel color
Foam board to set it upon

I used a fork to "stab" the icing to make it a fuzzy caterpillar!

Dirt bowl- Crushed chocolate teddy grahams & gummy works thrown in...Big hit with the kids!

Banner- 8x10 cardstock made in photoshop using simple shapes and text

(thrifty wrapping with brown paper by my friend Emily)

(we had streamers from the dollar store going from our chandelier to each corner of the window and the banner on the window is made of cardstock )

Birthday boy

We even set up a tent tunnel for the kids to play in! Bug obviously thought it would be great to push my nephew through it. 

The cake was Bug Approved!

Awesome right? 

Don't forget to come visit me for tutorials, crafts, life, and more over @ The Bug Creator or on facebook

Thanks Aleesha for having me over! 


Kendra said...

Too cute love the bugs! I will have to share my sons Birthday party with you it should be fabulous too!

shannon said...

Looks like a fun party, great ideas!

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