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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog Swapping with Curly Q Crafts

I'm so excited!  Today Brooke, the mastermind behind Curly Q Crafts is showin us some love!
Take a look at the super cute stuff she has in store!

Hello Ready, Set, Create Readers!
I am so excited to be taking over Aleesha's blog today!
Let me introduce myself:
My name is Brooke from Curly Q Crafts and I am a CRAFT ADDICT!
I love to do just about any craft under the sun (some more than others).
But I would have to say wood crafts are my FAVORITE! I love to sit in the garage and create, some turn out, some get burned! LOL!
So that being said I thought I would share my newest wood craft that I am so so excited about!
I love things that change with the seasons, it just makes things easier, wouldn't you agree??
So here it is my newest porch decoration!

I also LOVE 2x4 crafts, so I thought I would share my favorite one!
These 2x4 blocks actually all turn 360 degrees, so you can mix and match and turn as you please!

What you need:
3 2x4x4 blocks
2 2x4x2.5 (for top and bottom)
1 dowel
Drill pit slightly larger than dowel
Mod Podge/Spray adhesive
6 Clips

After all your blocks are cut and sanded drill a hole down the very center of you 2x4 as shown here. Make sure your holes are straight and centered!

Once your center blocks are drilled, drill a hole on the top and bottom blocks (do not go all the way through, only about half way)
Cut your dowel down to size. Glue your dowel into you block but not your top.

I stained my blocks and then added my paper with spray adhesive and mod podge. Once your blocks are all decorated glue the top on and now you have a cute picture display that spins!

Thank you again to Ready, Set, Create we have enjoyed our stay!!

How super cute is that!  And her new porch decoration. . . Yes please!
Thanks again Brooke!


devin said...

i love the blocks! i know my next wood project!

Amy @ Chicy-Creations said...

I NEED that porch decoration! The blocks are super cute too!

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