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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ruffled Zipper Pouch - Easy Peasy!

I like to sew.
I'd like to be good at it.
I am most certainly a novice sewer.
In middle school sewing class when most people were making pj's and pillowcases, I decided to make a robe for my dad.
And make a robe I did.
It was bad.
One arm was longer than the other, the collar was crooked, and there were holes in weird places.
But my dad still wore it. :)  He's great like that.

Well, Since 7th grade sewing I've tried to stick to easy projects.

The last few weeks I've started making these super cute, and super easy zipper pouches.
I love them because they are so fab, useful and can be whipped up in just a short time!

I like to add a little ruffle or something extra and cute to the front, and the matching printed lining just adds to the fab-ness of it all!
 Not sure if I can pick a favorite...
 I've made so many, and they are wonderful!  They make great gifts, and they are perfect for keeping things neat and organized for traveling.
I think the small one would be perfect to give as a gift with a gift card tucked away inside.
I don't have a tutorial for you because, well, I can barely sew, let alone sew while taking pictures!

However, it is super easy and chances are, you don't need a tut... however, if you want one, here is a super great one, that explanines it better than I ever could! :)

I hope you give it a try...
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crabby Patty Cookies!

Maybe you've seen hamburger cookies around???
I've seen them around so many places that I don't even remember where I first saw them.

The first time I made them I wanted to make sure they really looked like hamburgers.
So, I asked my niece {whose 5} if she could tell what they are.
and she said {in a voice as if to day "duh! of course I do"}
"Crabby Patties!"

They were such a big hit the first time that my sister called me up a few weeks later asking for the recipe because her hubby was requesting them. {he he he!}
Funny right!?
And so, from day one until forever, they will be known as crabby patty cookies!
{That's right - Crabby Patties - like from Sponge Bob!}
 The first time I made them I spent hours making tons of tiny {i mean seriously tiny} sugar cookies to be my "buns", but I have since come up with an infinitely better idea!

Here is what you will need to make them;
  • Vanilla Wafer cookies {these replace the sugar cookies that I originally made}
  • Some kind of chocolate covered cookies - Chocolate covered Oreos would work but I prefer Grasshoppers because they are cheaper and you get more for your $$
  • Icing - You will need red, yellow, and green - or you can just use white + food coloring.  The icing is going to be your ketchup, mustard, and lettuce - and its gonna be awesome! :)

So... a crabby patty is made in a few easy steps.  
I mean seriously easy!
1. Start with two vanilla wafers and one grasshopper.
2. Put a little icing on the bottom wafer {rounded side out} and "glue" your grasshopper cookie to the bottom wafer.
3. Start topping your"patty" with your different colored icing.
 There really is no rhyme or reason to it, just make sure to put lots of icing near the edge of the cookie so that it oozes out once you put the top cookie on.
See how you only see a little of each color, but just enough!
We made a whole bunch!
I had lots of help from my little sister, even my teenage brothers helped!  And they had fun! :)
Now just a little note - I wasn't exactly sure at first how they would be with the vanilla wafers as the bun since they are crunchy.
But the wafers soften up a bit because of the icing and they were perfect... SO much better than making sugar cookies!
But *beware!* these cookies are sweet!  They are delish, but best when eaten one at a time! ;)

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