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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Melting Snowman Cookies

Here is a super cute and fun Christmas/Winter treat.
Super yummy, almost too cute to eat, melting snowman cookies!
These cookies would make great Christmas treats, but they would also be fun to make any time through out the winter season.

Here is how I made them.
I started with sugar cookies. . . just plain ol' round sugar cookies.  While they were baking I started making my snowman's noses.
I used regular melting chocolate.  I just used white and added a drop of yellow and red food coloring to turn it orange.
I used a piping bag and onto wax paper I piped tiny little orange peaks.
Now put them in the fridge.
 I made a ton of them and then chose the best looking ones to use.
Next start on your heads.
If you can find some round white candy, I seriously suggest you use them!
White whoppers would be perfect, but I couldn't find any so I used regular whoppers dipped in white chocolate.
While the chocolate was still wet I put on the hardened noses.
 Once the cookies are cool its time to frost!
Any white frosting would work for this, but I used thinned royal icing because I love the way it looks.

 Pipe the icing on the cookies in an uneven squiggly way so that it resembles a puddle of melting snowman.
It can even run off the cookie.  I think it adds to the look of it.
before the icing hardens don't forget to put on your heads.

Once the icing dries its time to add the little extras.
I used chocolate for the arms and buttons.  Just melt it and pipe it on.  Easy Peasy.
For the face I used black gel that I got from the icing section at the grocery store, but melted chocolate would work too.
Get as creative as you want with this part.
Some of my snowman are a little surprised to be melting, like the cute little guy above.
Some of them are happy, cuz they know its just a part of life.
 And some of them are just content to be, like this little guy here.  
{I think he might be my favorite}
 I think my family will enjoy these little guys!
Super cute right!? 
And a little spin on your traditional sugar Christmas cookies.

Happy Christmas baking!


MommaMindy said...

This is totally creative! I've seen a lot of Christmas cookies, but never anything like this. They are SO cute! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

These are just too cute! I've never seen anything like them! I especially like the snowman with his mouth wide open :O

RedTedArt said...

These are simply too adorable!! Love them!

I would LOVE for you to join us at Kids Get Crafty (with or for kids, every Wednesday on Red Ted Art) - current link up http://www.redtedart.com/2010/12/15/kids-get-crafty-christmas-baubles/

Hope to see you there!


SarainAkko said...

Adorable and hysterical. There's no snow where we live for so I feel like these melted snowmen would be right at home in my kitchen.

Bonnie said...

Very cute!

{northern cottage} said...

not just cute...darling....I've made them before where you take a marshmallow and melt it in the micro for a bit and plop that on the cookie...hmmmm love your round little head sticking out. so fun!

Stacy said...

These are adorable!!! I would love if you would link these up to my new linky party :)

Stacy @ Not JUST A Housewife


Dee in N.H. said...

Those are awesome! The kids must get a real kick out of these!

Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) said...

Love these! And your blog! I featured them at rosyredbuttons.blogspot.com, I hope thats ok! Keep being awesome. :)

idesign said...

I'm obsessed with these...so cute!!


Dressedtothe9s said...

This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I'm so sorry I missed this at Christmas or I would have made some. I'm following you now so I can remember next year.
Come on over to dressedtothe9s

Foodies @ LoveLunchLiftoff said...

These are so fun and adorable! They would make a great entry in our Holiday Baking contest. Check it out if you would like to enter!

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