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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12 Crafts of Christmas part 11 - Neighbor gifts in a jar

For today's craft we've got great gifts for your neighbors and mine!
Brownie mixes in a jar!
These are perfect for a few reasons, one they are easy, and two if you're like me and don't want tons of baked goodies around the house, these are the neighbor gifts for you!

 As you can see I made two different kinds.
The first I used my basic brownie recipe and measured out each ingredient.
Then I layered them in the jar.  
Chocolate chips, brown sugar, white sugar, cocoa, then the rest of the dry ingredients.
 Next step is to cut your fabric and secure it over the lid with a rubber band, then tie a decorative ribbon over the top.
 I finished it up with this cute tiny spatula. {good luck finding one. . .I've had this one for years and couldn't find any more. . . if you know where I can get more, let me know!}
 Option B is for you if you want to spend even less time!
I layered chocolate chips, walnuts {marshmallows optional} and then poured on half of a boxed brownie mix on top of that!  Easy, and one box fills up two jars!!  Woo Hoo!
 Now decorate your jar!
And of course, don't forget to add a tax letting your recipient know what to add and how long to bake.
We just printed them on labels and stuck them to the back of a cute gift tag!

It took me longer to type this post than it did to make these two jars!  :)
These gifts are especially great because your recipient can make them whenever. . . Maybe right away, or maybe in a month or two when they want a sweet treat!  Also they store great so you can have an extra jar or two on hand just in case someone unexpectedly stops by your place with treats.

Hope this gives you an extra idea to either use or to file away!
Happy Christmas crafting and treat making!


A Dixie Girls Delights said...

Awesome idea I am probably going to cheat and use the store bought box to save some extra time and add in some stuff lol love your blog :)

STAMPMOM9 said...

Awesome!! Great gift ideas!!

Diane {Created by Diane} said...

I love making jar type gifts :) they are fun to make and always go over real big with the lucky receiver

Jennifer said...

I love jar gifts-- homemade and personal while still being simple. The way you decorated them is so adorable. Thanks for sharing! I featured you today on my favorite things :)

Anonymous said...

You can get the mini spatulas here http://teermans.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=3355

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