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Monday, December 13, 2010

Clean Hands Gift Idea

You may or may not have seen these before.
My aunt gave one to my mom a few years back and since then I've seen different versions around.
{I'm pretty sure these are a wide spread Relief Society craft}
Anyway. . . I decided to make my own this year!
Cute, inexpensive and totally personalized!  A perfect gift in my opinion!
 All you need are some bottles of soap with all labels removed and this cute Clean Hands dealy-o printed onto a transparency.
Do you remember transparencies?  Back in school before all the new-fangled fancy smart boards and everything, the teachers used the projector and clear plastic transparencies.
You can get these printed at most print shops.
{However I did try our small town shop and when I asked the girl if they made transparencies she looked at me like I was speaking a different language.}
But Kinkos did it no prob. 
I printed 4 to a sheet, for $.80 total. . . awesome!
 All you do is cut them to size, kinda roll them up so they fit in the bottle, then straighten out with your fingers or the long pump stick thingy.
Add a little ribbon if you want and there is a super cute gift!
These would be perfect for family, neighbors, even a teacher for their classroom!

So please feel free to use my image and save it and print it to make your own!
Since I love all of my dear followers, if you would like one personalized with a family name like mine, email me the name(s) and I'll send them over too you in .jpg format.  
This is a limited time offer. . . Once it gets closer to Christmas and I get super busy, Y'all are on your own. . . But I of course still love ya!


Tiffany said...

On my gosh I LOVE these! It looks super cute and easy to do!

I'm new to your blog and just love all your ideas!


Judy said...

These are so cute! We just got one in the mail from my sister in law, who probably made these as part of a Relief Society craft :)

Thanks for sharing!

PootleFlump said...

What a brilliant idea! Can I ask if you stick the transparency to the inside front of the bottle or the inside back? or doesnt it matter? Also, would u have to use an inkjet printer or laser jet or doesnt it matter? (sorry for all the questions!!) Love your blog. x

Jane said...

This is a really cute idea! If I wasn't already making something else for neighbor gifts...this would be it!

By the way, I love your blog! I'm so glad I found your site. And for the record, my daughter loves the Santa you have fly across the top of the page. She keeps saying, "Christmas again!" (She calls Santa "Christmas) and she yells at me if I change the page. :)

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Pretty darn cool! I don't think this has hit our Relief Society yet~but I'm sure it will.

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