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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Topiary!

What do you do to celebrate the birthdays of those you love?
I love birthdays and I like to celebrate and make a big deal. . . I think everyone deserves to be celebrated! 

Here is a little decoration I made recently before my hubby's b-day.
I wanted something festive that I could just keep on the table as a daily celebratory reminder!

What do you think??  
Do you think its as cute as I do??

Here is what you'll need if you want to make one;
a big styrofoam ball
a bunch of balloons - I used 300 tiny (water) balloons.  
glue gun
a long dowel
a pot of your choosing
floral foam
floral moss

First, prepare for a few hot glue burns. . . next just start gluing your balloons!
I had some long balloons and I used them on the bottom as kind of a base covering.  

 Then I just glued on all the other balloons, no rhyme or reason to the way I did it, just balloons, balloons everywhere! 
 Just make sure that you spread out all the colors and make sure all the styrofoam is covered. 
 Once your ball is covered decide where you want your dowel and just stick it on it.  

Now stick your {almost} topiary in your pot with the floral foam.  This will keep it nice and steady.  

Last step, add some finishing touches.  
I added a little floral moss to cover the foam and I thought it needed a little somethin else so I added the cute little Happy Birthday printout.
And there you have it, a way cute Happy Birthday topiary!

What a super cute party decoration this would make!
Not much of a party animal?? 
Just let it sit out and remind the birthday boy or girl how special they are!

Happy Birthday to my Handsome Stud!


Kimra said...

what a cute and fun idea! I love it!


RACKS and Mooby said...

That is really cute!! So clever!

Wendy@project-create.blogspot.com said...

Very Cute! I love this idea!

Lori M said...

Love it, I'm going to try it for my son's birthday TOMORROW :)

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