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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Totally Fab Display Board

Have you seen some of the various display boards out there in blogworld?
I made my own variation that turned out so totally fab, so I thought I'd show you!

A piece of wood at your chosen length
Some Jumbo wooden paperclips - as many as you'd like
Fabric - two different colors
Mod Podge
Hot glue gun

Start with your board and which ever fabric you'd like to cover it with.
Cut your fabric slightly larger than your board. (Make sure that you have enough to cover the sides and part of the back.) Give the front side of your board a coat of Mod Podge and lay the piece of fabric you cut right on top. Smooth it on and let it dry.
Once it is dry flip it over and mod podge the edges of the fabric down on the back. (Sorry I don't have a pic if this step) Don't worry about how the back looks, nobody is ever gonna see it! Next put a coat of mod podge on the top of the fabric on the front side. This will make the paperclips stay on better.
While it dries we will cover the paperclips with fabric. Trace around the front of the clip on the fabric and cut it out.
We're going to stick this fabric on the same way as we did on the board, One coat of mod podge on the bottom, then fabric, then another coat on the top.
Once its all good and dry, we'll stick it all together with the glue gun. Just glue the paper clips right on the board where ever you want them to go. Last stick on a few embellishments, whatever you want. I added a few buttons to mine and I think it adds a lot.
Find a good place to hang it, and there you go! So Cute!
It matches the pen holders that I made for my desk a while back.
Here is another one I made for my Mom for her birthday.
I'm not sure which one I like better, cuz I think they are both so friggin cute!


Suzanne said...

They ARE both so friggin' cute! I think I need to make one.

Deanna and Christian said...

THAT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing!

Christine said...

Ohh I do love them both!! I really like the jumbo paper clips I haven't seen those before!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

Turned out great! I made some similar with rulers and clothes pins but yours are way cuter!

a little lovely said...

so cute! i could use a few of thses

Lanie Ree said...

Whoa, awesome! Those clothes pins are HUGE! I especially love the dotted paper.

Thank you for participating in the Craft Therapy Session with Life in the Pitts

Staci J said...

Those are sooo cute!! Great job! I have that same boy fabric and I love it! visiting from fun to craft

Leanne said...

They both look so great. I love the fabric choices.

Amy Walker said...

Wow! What a great idea!!! Pretty fabric too! Can't wait to check out more or your blog!

Terri said...

Love it. Where did you find the jumbo clothespins? I was getting ready to make a similar board to display my girls art work and those would be perfect

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I like that!
Happy new friend Friday!
Following your blog, come follow mine and say hi!

Ron Cooper said...

Following you now on New Friend Friday! Please follow back.

My latest postings are, “The Power,” “The Triumphant Heart,” “Pure Love,” “Peace of Mind,” and “Simple Gesture.”



Marie said...

Hello sweet Aleesha - I'm a new follower of your blog via The Inspired Room! I love your inspiration boards...my fave is the black and white. What a clever idea! Thank you for sharing.


Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

This idea is so much fun! I love how it turned out! This is feature-worthY! Thanks for linking up to Sweet Charli!

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said...

Very adorable and would seriously look cute in any office! :)

I love those GIANT clothespins! So fun!

Please stop by craftsandsutch.blogspot.com when you get a chance to take a peek at what I've been up to. :)

Have a super week!

Rose :: FineCraftGuild.com said...

This is excellent, in fact, so good that I want to invite you to join our new DIY tutorial party that opens today...
Early entries get most traffic, so hop over today

(pssst ...there is also a link there for you to get a chance to win $50 silver customizable jewelry gift certificate from wonderful designer Lisa Leonard)

martha puri natasande said...

I've a lot of wood paperclips and never do something fun with that.
and now, I gotta make them more pretty.
it's because of you.
thank you so much for sharing all the good thing to everyone..
happy crafting..


Lydia Rose said...

did you use fabric modge podge or just regular modge podge over the top of the fabric?

this idea is SUPER cute and i can't wait to try my own version! :)

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