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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spread Some Love with a Cute Card!

Do you ever make your own greeting cards?
I used to all the time but I kind of got out of the groove.

Any time I give my dad a store bought card he makes this sad face and says, "You didn't make me a card???"

So I made my dad's birthday card this year.
I used this cute idea that I've been storing in my noggin for who knows how long.

Homemade-card-for-men ideas are difficult to come by so I thought I share it.
While I was at it I made a simple birthday card for my sis. . .

as well as a cute little gift card holder.  

Its so fun to be able to spread some love and give away a little something I created by just putting a stamp on it!

Thanks for reading!  Enjoy this beautiful Fall day!


Amy @ Chicy-Creations said...

LOVE them all, especially the guys card. Going to have to steal that idea for sure!

gunu said...

woww... really loved ur idea of that dads birthday card! im sure my dad would love it too. :) thanks a lot!

maz said...

Hi, love your Doctor card (amongst all the others!) can It be downloaded? Cheers and thankyou Marilyn.

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