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Monday, October 11, 2010

I Do Believe In Spooks!

I'm not super big into Halloween, but I do like a little a little bit of seasonal decor around.
Here is my latest creation.  
Isn't it Fun?!  
I love the phrase and I ♥ The Wizard of OZ!

I got the idea from You Craft Me Up and just had to try it out for myself. {though I cant believe I didn't think of it first!}

Here is my how to.

Heres what you need:
Mod Podge
Letters Printed in outline form
First I covered the board with the fabric.  Mod Podge all over the board and then press the fabric onto it.

While it dries print and cut out your letters.  To get the outline shape you just type everything out then go under format, then font and select outline.  
Easy Peasy.

Next cut out your letters.  It didn't take as long as you'd think, and was pretty simple, but really you could use punch out letters, or maybe stickers. {Not sure really if stickers would work but you could try.}  Or of course you could use vinyl letters. 

Lastly, arrange your letters how you want and stick them down by coating the back of the letters {only} with Mod Podge and sticking them in place.
Once they are dry, bam! Your Done!

There you have it!
Thanks for reading, and happy creating this week!


Wendy@project-create.blogspot.com said...

Love IT! Do we have to say BAM when we are done to complete it! I bet it may help! LOL

Mod Podge Amy said...

This is pretty cute!

Tony and Kimra said...

love the fabric you chose. this is really cute. those fabric pumpkins are cute too!


Heather said...

Very Cute! Thanks for linking up to Your So Very Creative!

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