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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it too early. . .

How early is too early to start celebrating Christmas?
Before Halloween?? Before Thanksgiving??
Da Hubs wont let me decorate for Christmas until November.

Ok, so I can't decorate for a while, but when is too early to start posting
Christmas Crafts?

I've got lots of fun stuff I cant wait to make and share!

Am I the only one who wishes the Christmas season lasted half the year???


Emily J. said...

I was browsing Christmas Crafts and playing Christmas music back in September! (granted, i don't have kids in school...)
I LOOOOVE Christmas, and have LOVED getting in the Christmas Spirit so early this year!
So yes, i vote for Christmas crafts! *wink*

Heather said...

Its never to early for Christmas. I am so excited that Michael's has put out almost all of their stuff and Target has started! Can't wait!

I would also definitely vote yes!

Amy said...

Post early so us slow crafters can actually get enough time to get it done BEFORE Christmas lol.

Amy @ Chicy-Creations said...

We've set a rule of no Christmas stuff out until after Thanksgiving, but who says you can't start making it now!

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