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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes for V-Day!

I made some V-day treats last weekend that were way easy, cute and gooood!
Strawberry cupcakes topped with chocolate covered strawberries.
What is it about chocolate covered strawberries and Valentines day?
No complaints from me. . .
I love these little bites or juicy, chocolaty goodness
 So for these yummy treats I started by dipping my strawberries, and making some cupcakes.
I went with strawberry cupcakes cuz, helloooo, they are pink, and strawberry. . . perfect!
I frosted some with chocolate, some with strawberry and some with both chocolate and strawberry frosting.
{They taste pretty dang good no matter what I frosted them with!}
 Once they were good and frosted I topped each one with a chocolate covered strawberry and drizzled some melted chocolate on the top.

I say, you can never have too much chocolate right?!
They were really good and lets face it, we all love a festive treat!

Such a cute way to dress up a simple cupcake and make it your own!


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