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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cuuute Heart Owl Valentines!

Aren't owls just so cute right now?
So I made some fun owl valentines!
Look at this cute little owl. . . Made of hearts. . . a heart body and two little heart feet!

 Candy for V-day is all great and good, but you gotta have a little card to share a little love right?
 A clever little owl statement on each card completes it!
I think they are super cuuuute, and totally my style!
 If they are your style too, go ahead and use 'em!
I printed eight cards to a sheet and they are the perfect size.
I hope you enjoy these. . . If you wanna share them, "Owl" really appreciate it! :)


Leigh the sewing diva said...

they are so cute!!
come visit the giveaway on my blog:
Leigh at The Sewing Diva

Amy said...

These are absolutely adorable! LOVE them!

Renee said...

I love owls...these are adorable! THANKS for sharing!

Kendra said...

Super cute! I will have to use them I'm doing my son's 1st bday in a owl theme.

Nancy said...

Where can I find the bottles? how did you get the tops on?

Linda Nelson said...

Hi! I just linked to your adorable owls in my blogpost about printable valentines for teachers. Thanks!


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