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Friday, November 26, 2010

12 Crafts of Christmas - Part 9 - Chocolate Candy Cane Yumm!

Is anyone familiar with those unbelievably delicious Ghiradelli limited time only chocolate peppermint candies that they sell only during Christmas time?
I. Love. Them.
Seriously, one bag just doesn't do it for me.

This year I tried making my own, and let me tell you, I won't be buying them any more. . . I'll be making them!
Super yummy and who whoulda known they are so easy to make!

 Milk chocolate bark
White chocolate bark
1 package of candy canes
parchment paper
jelly roll pan

First start with your chocolate.
Melt the whole package of milk chocolate and pour it into a parchment lined jelly roll pan.

Stick it in the fridge to harden.
While its hardening put your candy canes into the food processor and grind them up!
Grind it til its about the same consistency as sand, some bigger chunks and some fine dust.

 Once the chocolate in the fridge has hardened melt your white chocolate.
Once it is all melted stir in your crushed candy canes.

Now pour it over the milk chocolate in the pan and spread it all out evenly.
Do this pretty quickly or the chocolate underneath will start to melt and the two will mix together.  {you can see a spot or two on mine where this started happening}

Now put the whole thing in the fridge and let it harden.
The last step is to break it all up into pieces.  I tried cutting it into a bunch of neat squares, but it just didn't happen.  No biggy.
Now make sure you put it in two containers, one to share with your family, and one to hide in your sock drawer.  {just kidding - or am I?}

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Amanda said...

This was featured today over at Today's Top Twenty! I'd love if you stopped by! :)


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