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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

12 Crafts of Christmas part 4 - Gift Idea - Greeting Card Box Set

How about giving a super cute boxed set of greeting cards to someone on your Christmas list?
This would be a perfect gift for someone you visit teach, or maybe a school teacher, or even a grandma, or really anyone. . . everyone could use a set of handmade cards!

This handy little box is filled with all these pretty greeting cards!
The cards are a little bit of everything. . . some "Just Because", some "Thank You", some "Happy Birthday" and a few others for almost every occasion!

I'll let you use your own creative juices to make your plethora of cards, but I'll show you how to make this cute little card box.

Start with a piece of card stock 8 1/2" x 11"
We're gonna make a few scores and a few cuts.
See the picture below

Ok, now fold on all the score lines and what you have should look like this
Ok, now fold in the little bottom flap and the two side flaps and glue them together. 
Glue both sides and you should have this little box.
Now we're gonna make the top/front piece.
Cut another piece of card stock about 7"x7"
Now score this piece at 1" and 2" from the back as shown in the picture.
Fold on your score lines.
Now glue the 1" back piece to the back of your card box.
Now it should fold over nicely.
(I added a brad on each side and two on the back for extra reinforcement and a little decorative touch.)
This is the front with the top flap closed.
(I cut about an inch off of the front piece so it wasn't so long as you can see)
To close it I just used an exacto knife and cut little slits for the corners to slip into.
It was super easy, but you could also just tie a ribbon around it and it would be super cute!

In goes your cards (don't forget the envelopes) and there you have a cute greeting card box set to give as a gift to anyone on your list!

Hope you enjoy it and Happy Christmas Crafting!

1 comment:

Jillian said...

Great tutorial! What is the best method for scoring the cardstock. Do you just use a bone folder? I have a scoring blade for my paper cutter, but I think it scores things a little too much because the seams fell apart when i did a similar project!

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