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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rice Krispy Treats With a Twist

Here is something I made my Hubby for Valentines day. . .
I made it for V day but it could easily be used for any occasion. Just use any shape cookie cutter and any color of chocolate. I plan to make these again for sure!

I was going for a bouquet type look, Not sure if I pulled it off quite. But he liked it and that's what matters.

I found the idea from the website No Fuss Fabulous but I did it my own way.
I formed the Rice Krispies into my cookie cutters and not into a pan first. Then I put them on the sticks and stuck them in the fridge. I found I had to cover the bottoms with chocolate (I spooned the chocolate on) and it helped the rice krispies stay on the stick once it hardened.
I decorated them, wrapped them up, and stuck them in a vase full of candy! He loved them and ate them all!
(He even shared some with me, Yay!)

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