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Monday, February 15, 2010

Painted Canvas

This was a first for me. . . Painting canvases. They do it all the time on HGTV and they make it look easy. Lets just say I spent more time trying to figure out what to paint than actually painting.
I started out with just some blank canvases, and a simple design. . . squares. Maybe in the future my talent for canvas painting will grow, but for now squares fits me perfectly.
I think it turned out ok for now. They can hang in the guest bedroom for a while. The good thing about canvases is that I can easily paint over them, or cover them at any time.

At least it was fun and I tried something new!


Ana Paula@ Get Craftin said...

Very good idea! This looks pro! I'm visiting from New Friend Friday at TGC.

Angie said...

What paint did you use?

Ready Set Create said...

Angie - I just used regular ol' acrylic paint that I got at the craft store. I also used a little leftover wall paint to kinda tie it all together.

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