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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Calling all bloggers/crafters!

That's right. . . I mean Y.O.U!
I am looking for anyone who would be interested in guest posting on this here blog of mine.

We all know that life gets in the way sometimes and lately I'm not able to craft as much as I'd like. :(
But my poor neglected followers still need some good readin!

So if you have a blog, or even if you dont but would like to guest post, I'd love for you to e-mail me!
You don't have to share a craft, you can share a recipe, or some home decor, or some tips on mommy-hood, or anything!

Happy Tuesday to all and I'm off to go visit my brand new nephew!!


Kendra said...

I would be interested. I have a lot of fun things started soon to be completed. I just started documenting all the crazy craftyness that takes over all of my free space and time. I love it :)


Judy said...

Great Idea. I love this. Have a wonderful day :)

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