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Sunday, October 24, 2010

12 Crafts of Christmas Coming Soon!

Well, first things first, thanks to the few of you who gave me your opinion on when to start posting Christmas crafts, the vote was to post them sooner rather than later.
I'm not going to argue with that!  

Starting November 1st you can get all your Christmas ideas here!
I've got lots of gift ideas, yummy treats and other fun stuff in store.  Its gonna be lots of fun!
I'm calling it my 12 Crafts of Christmas!!

So prepare yourselves for the upcoming Christmas fun and stop by soon!

I'm toying around with the idea of one day having a linky party so all of you can link up your grand Christmasy ideas.  What do you think. . . anyone interested?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From one bargain hunter to another. . .

With Christmas right around the corner who's not on the lookout for an awesome, personalized {inexpensive} gift?!
I love a good deal!  All you have to pay is shipping.  These books typically run 35-40 bucks a piece so $8.99 for one is a steal! 
It only goes until October 25, so if you want one the sooner the better.
I decided to make a book of our wedding and I love how it turned out!

Here are a few more details . . .
  • Offer good from October 15th through October 25th.
  • The cost of one 20-page Large photo book (up to $39.99) will be deducted from the order total. If the book contains more than 20 pages, the customer will be charged for the additional pages.
  • Taxes and shipping charges are additional. (around $8.99 shipping)
  • Click on the link to sign up - code for the free book is FALLBK
  • This coupon is for first-time Picaboo customers only.
Just thought I'd pass on this great deal, from one bargain hunter to another!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it too early. . .

How early is too early to start celebrating Christmas?
Before Halloween?? Before Thanksgiving??
Da Hubs wont let me decorate for Christmas until November.

Ok, so I can't decorate for a while, but when is too early to start posting
Christmas Crafts?

I've got lots of fun stuff I cant wait to make and share!

Am I the only one who wishes the Christmas season lasted half the year???

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spread Some Love with a Cute Card!

Do you ever make your own greeting cards?
I used to all the time but I kind of got out of the groove.

Any time I give my dad a store bought card he makes this sad face and says, "You didn't make me a card???"

So I made my dad's birthday card this year.
I used this cute idea that I've been storing in my noggin for who knows how long.

Homemade-card-for-men ideas are difficult to come by so I thought I share it.
While I was at it I made a simple birthday card for my sis. . .

as well as a cute little gift card holder.  

Its so fun to be able to spread some love and give away a little something I created by just putting a stamp on it!

Thanks for reading!  Enjoy this beautiful Fall day!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Do Believe In Spooks!

I'm not super big into Halloween, but I do like a little a little bit of seasonal decor around.
Here is my latest creation.  
Isn't it Fun?!  
I love the phrase and I ♥ The Wizard of OZ!

I got the idea from You Craft Me Up and just had to try it out for myself. {though I cant believe I didn't think of it first!}

Here is my how to.

Heres what you need:
Mod Podge
Letters Printed in outline form
First I covered the board with the fabric.  Mod Podge all over the board and then press the fabric onto it.

While it dries print and cut out your letters.  To get the outline shape you just type everything out then go under format, then font and select outline.  
Easy Peasy.

Next cut out your letters.  It didn't take as long as you'd think, and was pretty simple, but really you could use punch out letters, or maybe stickers. {Not sure really if stickers would work but you could try.}  Or of course you could use vinyl letters. 

Lastly, arrange your letters how you want and stick them down by coating the back of the letters {only} with Mod Podge and sticking them in place.
Once they are dry, bam! Your Done!

There you have it!
Thanks for reading, and happy creating this week!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reader Creation {fabric pumpkins}

I love it when one of my readers likes something I've made enough to try it out themselves!
Micki tried out my fabric pumpkin tutorial and they turned out super cute!
Aren't they adorable?!

I love the fabric she used!
She is having so much fun making them. that she's made a whole slew of em!
Pop on over to her blog if you want and have a look.

Thanks for sharing your pumpkins with us Micki, they are beautiful!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Look What I've Got!

One of my all time favorite Disney movies was released today!


We're watching this tonight!
Maybe we'll make a night of it and do a little coloring.

Just thought I'd share my excitement with you.
Whats not to love about this movie?!

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