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Monday, July 19, 2010

Blog Swapping with Meridian Road

Hi! My name is Suzanne; I live on Meridian Road.
I mostly do home decor, but I throw in a few surprises, too.

I'm new to blogging, and Aleesha has been nice enough to let me come play on her blog with all of you today. Let's get started!

Did you notice, in the last issue of Country Living(if you read Country Living), all the rope decor?

There was this chair, which I really kind of like. It reminds me of macrame. Remember macrame? The spool table is kind of neat, and the light fixture is fabulous!

If you wanted a smaller accent, these drawer pulls are cute.

Too small?

Try this light fixture.

I'm just waiting for someone in blog land to take this on.

It wouldn't be that hard. If any of you DIYer's decide to do it, I want to see how it turns out!

This bench, too. Although, I don't know how they did the top. If you look really closely, the top seems to be almost mitered.

I really like this mirror, too. It could go western or nautical, depending on the room you put it in.

But what really caught my eye were these.

Today, we're going to replicate these cute key chain fob.
I tried and tried to take pictures while I did it, but I ended up needing both hands just to tie the knot. It's called a monkey's fist knot, and it's used in sailing.
So, since I don't have three hands or anyone patient enough to take pictures for me~
here is this AWESOME tutorial on youtube.
I would recommend watching it a few times, then tying the knot while watching it.
These are all the supplies you need.
(I know~how lame is a tutorial that sends you to youtube? But it really is easier to watch this guy.)

Some kind of cording.

I got mine back in the fabric department in Walmart.(You could also used jute twine. You don't want anything with a lot of stretch to it.)
A marble, a key ring and some scissors.
If you want to put a little charm on it, I just used one that's made for scrap booking.
I couldn't find a big one like the picture, and I thought the little ones I found looked better on the charm and not the key ring.
This is how they turned out.

That green one is the last (and best) one I did.
(It's like anything else~the more you make the better they start to look.) You can make more than three loops when you're tying the knot~just play around and see what fits best on the marble.

I used a fairly small marble, but you can use bigger rope or cording and a ball bearing; they make pretty good self defense devices.

I think I'm ready to tackle a bigger one, like this.

It's a door stop. But I want to go BIGGER and use a bowling ball for the center.

Thanks for reading, and Thank you, Aleesha, for letting me visit!


Thanks for being my guest today Suzanne!
Hop on over to her blog and take a look at all the fun things she has to offer!


Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

what a cute idea Suzanne, I like the idea of using colored rope too like the green you used. I'm gonna head on over to you tube to watch the tuorial. Loved the chandelier, I agree with you, it doesn't look hard to make.

idesign said...

thank you for linking that Youtube video...ive been wanting to make a door stop this way :)

let me know how the big one goes, or better yet, make a blog entry about it so we can see :)

Gayle said...

Suzanne - I used to read your blog but I see that it' snow private. Any way I could get an invite?

Joanna said...

Hi! I'm trying to view Meridian Road blogspot, but it is now a private blog. Is there anyway to get an invite? Thanks!

Jean Polkoski said...

Hi! I am also trying to get to Meridian Road blogspot. How does one go about getting an invite? Thanks, Jean

ked2005 said...

Hi there! Love your ideas and would also love to view your blog. May I have an invite if you are open to new guests? Thank you!

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