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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun, Girly Button Bracelet

Have you noticed I've been a little MIA lately???
Sorry about that.
I haven't really been in the mood lately for crafting... no ideas flowing... I hope I'm not the only one who goes through this. :)  But... I think my craftyness may be coming back {fingers crossed!}

One of my recent fun projects is a new button bracelet!
Have I mentioned how much I adore jewelry?
I have.  Oh good.
I love anything fun and girly and this bracelet is totally both!

You only need a few things to make one of these;
a handful of buttons
jump rings
jewelry pliers (or needle nose pliers)

Start out by putting a jump ring through one of your button holes as shown.
 The size of the jump rings you use depends on the size of your buttons.
 Attach the jump ring with the button on it to your chain.
 Now repeat lots and lots of times!

To make sure your bracelet is nice and full and evenly buttoned, alternate which sides you put the buttons on as shown below.
 Figure out how long you want the bracelet to be, and once you've put on enough buttons, add a clasp to one end and a final jump ring to the other.
 Now show off your fun dangley bracelet !
I made one for my little sis, and she loved it!
Its such a fun, feminine bracelet, and the best thing is that you can make it to fit your own taste and style. . . big buttons, small buttons, funky shaped buttons, and any color you like!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my ideas and creations with you!
I'm grateful for you all!


Dee in N.H. said...

That's really cool! I love it!

Tim said...


steufel said...

Cool and clever! I love to use buttons in jewerly!

Maggie said...

this is a mahvelous idea to use all the buttons you have accumulated...
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