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Monday, March 7, 2011

Guest Blogger - Ea from Finding Bliss...

Happy Monday my friends!  I hope your weekend was just as fab as mine!  To start off the week I have some creative inspiration from Ea of Finding Bliss...  Stop by her blog to learn a little bit about her, and keep reading, I promise you wont be disappointed ;) 

With all of the electronic gadgets in our home I needed one central station to keep things organized ….so I created our “charging station” out of baskets from the local thrift shop.  It’s been with us for a while now… at first we used it to hold my phone, and my kids’ calculators and handheld games…but now that they are teens it holds ipods, phones, and cameras….and still the calculator!

Here is how I made it:
 Find a top basket~ Figure out what objects you would like to store and then find a basket that will accommodate them with a bit of wiggle room ~ you’ll need this when you place your electronics in and attach the power cords.

Find a bottom basket~ this is the basket that will hold your power strip and all of your charging cords.  To ensure that everything will fit,  plug all of your cords into a power strip before you get the basket to get a visual of the dimensions you will be needing.

Also the top basket will need to  “sit on” or be able to “hold” your top basket.  When shoved in, the bottom of my top basket fits so snugly that I don’t need anything else to hold it up.  Yours may need small supports… or another box within the box to hold it up.

In the bottom box, snip some of the wicker and gently guide the hole open a bit more than it wants to go and shove just the end of the power strip through the hole (the plug section). 
 Plug in all of your power cords and wind up the majority of the cording ~ don’t tie it securely; you’ll need some leeway as you pull it through in the top.

Arrange your electronics in the top basket to get an idea of where the charger sections for each need to come out.  Remove them and then snip small sections of the wicker and run the ends through just like you did in the bottom basket.

It is pretty flexible so you shouldn’t need to cut much.  Tip: just snip a small amount first, then see if your cord will go through, if not you can snip a little more and try it again...

 Holding the top basket above as I’m snipping and running the cords up~ having a bit of leeway with the cords makes it easier when you go to attach the devices later.

  Finished the cords, now shove the top into the bottom~ or attach with your preferred method. 

Place your electronics in the basket and your done!....
Even my kids’ friends plug their phones and ipods in to charge when they stay over!

Super cute. . . Love how it turned out!  I'm gonna be on the look out for the perfect baskets now!  Thanks again Ea for sharing your project with us!


Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

Super smart! What a great charging station and so easy! I love a thrift find. You were genius to think of using the baskets this way.

Dee in N.H. said...

That's really cool! What a great idea!

Bonnie said...

Love this idea!

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