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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ruffled Zipper Pouch - Easy Peasy!

I like to sew.
I'd like to be good at it.
I am most certainly a novice sewer.
In middle school sewing class when most people were making pj's and pillowcases, I decided to make a robe for my dad.
And make a robe I did.
It was bad.
One arm was longer than the other, the collar was crooked, and there were holes in weird places.
But my dad still wore it. :)  He's great like that.

Well, Since 7th grade sewing I've tried to stick to easy projects.

The last few weeks I've started making these super cute, and super easy zipper pouches.
I love them because they are so fab, useful and can be whipped up in just a short time!

I like to add a little ruffle or something extra and cute to the front, and the matching printed lining just adds to the fab-ness of it all!
 Not sure if I can pick a favorite...
 I've made so many, and they are wonderful!  They make great gifts, and they are perfect for keeping things neat and organized for traveling.
I think the small one would be perfect to give as a gift with a gift card tucked away inside.
I don't have a tutorial for you because, well, I can barely sew, let alone sew while taking pictures!

However, it is super easy and chances are, you don't need a tut... however, if you want one, here is a super great one, that explanines it better than I ever could! :)

I hope you give it a try...
Happy Sewing!


Unknown said...

I stopped by from Sassy Sites blog hop and I am your newest follower! love your blog!

Q @ JAQS said...

I really like that little ruffle on the outside. nice detailed touch :).

BTW I'm hosting a FAT Quarter giveaway so swing by when you get a chance :) - http://www.jaqsstudio.com/2011/07/fabric-love-19-fats-and-fabric-giveaway.html


Anne Tussing said...

Very cute and sweet! I really like the ruffled fabric that you added as a design!!

Shona said...

These are super cute! They look fabulous for someone that claims they aren't a seamstress! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love your story about the robe, I'm a newbie seamstress and it's always refreshing to hear about the fun struggles we all go through when were learning something new. Thanx for sharing and your zipper pouches are FAB!


Denise :) said...

Hi Aleesha! I found your blog through a Pinterest pin and when I got here I took some time and browsed around and found lots of fun stuff! I notice you haven't posted since July -- hope all is well and that it's only a temporary stop. I'm your newest follower! :)

sewa elf said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

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